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What is Kevin Gates’ Net Worth?

Kevin Entryways is an American rapper and vocalist who has a total assets of $1 million.

Kevin Entryways acquired prevalence with his mixtapes, including “More odd Than Fiction” and “Using any and all means,” which displayed his one of a kind style and crude, thoughtful verses.

Entryways’ presentation studio collection, “Islah,” delivered in 2016, beat the Board 200 diagram and highlighted hit singles like “2 Telephones” and “Ridiculously.”

All through his vocation, he has teamed up with various notable specialists and delivered extra widely praised projects, for example, “I’m Him” and “Khaza.”

Known for his genuine and individual narrating, Doors frequently draws from his background, incorporating his battles with neediness, detainment, and self-awareness.

Early Life

Kevin Doors was brought into the world on February fifth, 1986, in Louisiana, in spite of the fact that his family moved to Cudgel Rouge a short time later.

Doors’ childhood was not generally charming, as his dad wasn’t important for his life, and he fell into wrongdoing from the beginning.

Doors was first captured at 13 years old, in spite of the fact that he figured out how to go to junior college for a concise spell. His dad kicked the bucket not long after Entryways reconnected with him as a high schooler.

Early Career

Kevin Entryways showed an interest in music since early on, and he endorsed with Dead Game Records in 2007.

Alongside figures like Boosie and Webbie, Kevin Entryways set Implement Rouge up for life, taking everything into account.

Boosie in the long run became one of the most noticeable rappers from this city, and Kevin Doors profited from working together with him on various tunes.

His vocation shrieked to a stop in 2008 when he was detained, yet he arose in 2011 with a graduate degree in brain science and a freshly discovered assurance to prevail in the music world.

His first mixtape, upon discharge, Make Them Accept, acquired the consideration of Lil’ Wayne’s record mark, Youthful Cash Diversion, and Entryways was before long endorsed as a component of the administration wing (not as a rapper).

In any case, Doors utilized this experience to figure out how to run his own record mark from here on out.


By 2013, Entryways had begun the Providers’ Affiliation record mark, and he delivered another mixtape through this new organization.

Another mixtape before long followed, and both of these deliveries performed well concerning their basic gathering and prevalence.

This flood in prominence provoked Doors to leave on a four-month visiting effort across the US.

In any case, the rapper before long encountered another misfortune when he was imprisoned by and by.

Despite the fact that jail time was approaching, he delivered another mixtape in 2014.

Debut Album and Later Work

In 2015, Kevin Entryways delivered his thirteenth mixtape, and his fans were asking for something else.

2016 would see the arrival of Entryways answer their supplications with the arrival of his most memorable studio collection, Islah.

The collection was a significant achievement, cresting at number two on the Bulletin Top 200 and selling more than 110,000 units in its most memorable week.

From 2016 onwards, Kevin Entryways delivered more mixtapes and a few EPs. In 2019, he delivered his second studio collection, “I’m Him.” And in 2022, “Khaza” was delivered.

Business Ventures

Beside rapping, Kevin Entryways has shown areas of strength for a soul throughout the long term. As well as beginning his own record name, he additionally made a caffeinated drink.

Legal Issues

Kevin Entryways was captured at 13 years old when he was a traveler in a taken vehicle.

In 2003, he was captured in the wake of wounding an individual on various occasions beyond a cinema after a dispute.

In October 2013, a capture in Chicago prompted weapon charges, and Doors was condemned to a 30-month jail term at an East Moline, Illinois, remedial office.

He was released early January 2018. In 2016, he served three months in prison for kicking a fan while in front of an audience during a show.

In April 2018, Entryways recorded a claim against his probation officer and the head of parole for denying his solicitations to go beyond Cook Region, Illinois, to perform and see family. Kevin Gilyard v. John R.

Baldwin, Ned Schwartz, and Jason Garnett were excused two or multiple times before his parole was ended ahead of schedule by the Illinois DOC, and Kevin Entryways was set to get back to live exhibitions.

Personal Life

Doors wedded long-lasting sweetheart, Dreka Haynes, in October 2015.

The couple had two youngsters together, Islah and Khaza.

He has expressed he likewise has youngsters from earlier connections.

Doors and his better half are rehearsing Muslims and went to Mecca for Hajj in September 2016.

The Impact Of Legal Troubles

While Doors has seen progress in his vocation, he’s likewise confronted various lawful issues that have without a doubt affected his total assets.

He invested energy in jail on different events, which stopped his capacity to make music as well as brought about expensive legitimate charges.

By the way, he figured out how to return each time, frequently involving these encounters as grub for his music.

Philanthropy: A Different Aspect of Kevin Gates Net Worth

Notwithstanding his extreme outside, Doors has shown an additional sympathetic side through his humanitarian endeavors.

He has been dynamic in various cause drives, including psychological wellness mindfulness and food weakness, and sent off the Kevin and Dreka Doors Establishment with his long lasting accomplice.

While these exercises may not straightforwardly increment his total assets, they exhibit a pledge to involve his riches and impact for everyone’s best interests.

Looking Forward: Kevin Gates Net Worth In 2024 And Beyond

Starting around 2024, Kevin Doors’ total assets remain at an expected $1 million.

With new music discharges, progressing enterprising endeavors, and persistent charitable endeavors, his monetary possibilities keep on looking encouraging.

He’s a demonstration of the way that even in the midst of individual and legitimate battles, constancy and devotion can prepare to progress.

As devotees of Kevin Doors anticipate a greater amount of his coarse, genuine narrating through music, there’s little uncertainty that his total assets will keep on being a subject of conversation.

Regardless of the highs and lows, Entryways stays a persuasive figure in the rap business, leaving his imprint through his music as well as through his undertakings and humanitarian endeavors.

Success Through Talent and Hard Work

In spite of confronting misfortune in his childhood, Entryways has won over difficulties, achieving accomplishment through his natural ability and unflinching commitment.

With a melodic excursion traversing almost 16 years, he at first teamed up inside social scenes and worked close to other eminent stars.

Be that as it may, he has as of late moved his concentration to a performance vocation, directing every one of his endeavors and energies into his individual innovative undertakings.

The Impact of Imprisonment

The period Entryways spent in jail made a significant imprint on the two his life and melodic excursion.

While in jail, he started writing verses, denoting a groundbreaking part in his life.

By and by, he uses his music as a strong stage to express the torment and difficulties persevered during that period.

His prosperity is, to a limited extent, credited to his convincing skill to interface with crowds through legitimate and engaging narrating.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Past his melodic interests, Entryways wears the cap of a business visionary.

Committing around $2 million, he effectively established his record name, devoted to delivering music for individual craftsmen.

This enterprising undertaking has added to his abundance as well as supplements the income created through his own music attempts.

With a productive vocation, Doors has delivered a great count of 70 singles, each encountering shifting levels of progress.

Achievements and Future Plans

Presently arranged in midtown Los Angeles, California, close by his family, Doors lounges in impressive monetary achievement.

Through steadfast assurance and natural ability, he has won over the obstacles of his initial life, developing a flourishing profession in the music business.

The expectation is discernible for his approaching collection booked for discharge this year, with assumptions running high for Doors to keep causing critical disturbances in the business.

Kevin Entryways’ excursion from a moving foundation to his ongoing status as a flourishing rapper and business person is a demonstration of his flexibility and assurance.

Defeating misfortune, Entryways has capably settled his presence in the music business, charming crowds with his significant and engaging verses.

Bragging a total assets of $3 million and a promising direction, Entryways certainly remains as an imposing power in the steadily developing domain of music.


  1. Net Worth: As of 2024, Kevin Gates’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million.
  2. Early Mixtapes: Gained popularity with mixtapes such as “Stranger Than Fiction” and “By Any Means.”
  3. Debut Album: His debut studio album “Islah” was released in 2016 and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200.
  4. Collaborations: Worked with notable artists and released acclaimed projects like “I’m Him” and “Khaza.”
  5. Business Ventures: Founded his own record label and created a line of energy drinks.
  6. Legal Issues: Faced multiple incarcerations, impacting his career and finances.
  7. Philanthropy: Active in charitable initiatives, including mental health awareness and food insecurity.


Kevin Gates, an American rapper and singer, has a net worth of $1 million. He rose to fame with his unique style and introspective lyrics featured in his mixtapes, including “Stranger Than Fiction” and “By Any Means.” His debut album “Islah” in 2016 was a significant success, reaching number two on the Billboard 200 and featuring hit singles like “2 Phones” and “Really Really.”

Despite facing multiple legal issues and incarcerations, Gates has maintained a resilient career. He founded his own record label, the Bread Winners’ Association, and ventured into business with an energy drink line. His philanthropic efforts, such as the Kevin and Dreka Gates Foundation, reflect his commitment to giving back to the community.

Gates’ personal life, including his marriage to Dreka Haynes and their two children, adds depth to his story. His experiences with poverty, imprisonment, and personal growth heavily influence his music, resonating with fans for its authenticity and raw storytelling.


What is Kevin Gates’ net worth?

As of 2024, Kevin Gates’ net worth is approximately $1 million.

How did Kevin Gates become famous?

Kevin Gates gained fame through his mixtapes like “Stranger Than Fiction” and “By Any Means,” and his debut album “Islah,” which reached number two on the Billboard 200.

What are some of Kevin Gates’ business ventures?

Besides his music career, Kevin Gates founded his own record label, Bread Winners’ Association, and launched a line of energy drinks.

What legal issues has Kevin Gates faced?

Kevin Gates has been incarcerated multiple times, starting at age 13. His legal troubles have included weapon charges and assault.

What philanthropic efforts is Kevin Gates involved in?

Kevin Gates is active in charitable initiatives, including mental health awareness and food insecurity, and he co-founded the Kevin and Dreka Gates Foundation.

What impact have Kevin Gates’ legal troubles had on his career?

His legal issues have disrupted his career at times, leading to incarcerations that halted his music production and incurred legal expenses. However, Gates has used these experiences to fuel his music and storytelling.

What are some of Kevin Gates’ notable albums and mixtapes?

Notable works include his mixtapes “Stranger Than Fiction” and “By Any Means,” and albums “Islah,” “I’m Him,” and “Khaza.”

What is Kevin Gates’ personal life like?

Kevin Gates is married to Dreka Haynes, with whom he has two children. The couple practices Islam and completed Hajj in 2016.

How has Kevin Gates’ early life influenced his music?

Gates’ early life experiences, including his struggles with poverty and imprisonment, deeply influence his music, providing a raw and authentic narrative.

What can fans expect from Kevin Gates in the future?

Fans can look forward to more music releases, ongoing entrepreneurial ventures, and continued philanthropic efforts from Kevin Gates.

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